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Why call ourselves the Human Performance Clinic?

Because we believe NLP and hypnosis is definitely ‘not just for the nasty things in life’! Yes it’s great for curing phobias and dealing with bad habits and emotional problems, but also it is a fantastic set of tools to enhance your life, relationships, work, hobbies, sports, creativity, to take control of your future and to precision engineer your success.

It is just ‘raising the bar’. It’s like getting a software upgrade for your mind. You will be amazed how good you feel when you get rid of those little irritations, or change those unwanted beliefs. Most people would like to feel fitter, or more relaxed, perhaps better organised, or simply feel more alive or happier.

When we first started in 1990, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life coaching, and related areas were quite ‘leftfield’. There were only about 7 of us practicing in Glasgow. Now there are hundreds. NLP is commonly known and used in corporate circles, education, sport. It’s on the T.V., radio, online, in magazines. It works! That’s why when folk want to change it’s often not psychology or counselling that they look to, but the practical, positive and fast methods that we offer.

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