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What can HPC Hypnotherapy Glasgow do to Help?

Other times it may involve helping a client get over things from the past which are still upsetting them. There are excellent ways of changing these patterns of thinking very quickly. Memories fade naturally through time – we can all think of things in the past which were scary or upsetting at the time, but when we think of those things now there is no unpleasant emotion left. You have ‘moved on’. We can dramatically speed up this process and put the past in the past.

Sometimes stress is caused by some ongoing problem which the client is struggling to cope with. This could be for example an abusive relationship, or an aggressive boss, or a lack of confidence or assertiveness, or illness, or excessive negative thinking. If this is the case then one of the best ways of relieving stress is to find ways of solving the problem or at least managing it better.

Stress can also be caused by worries about the future, a forthcoming driving test or job interview, for example, or fears about long term security or finances. Again it could be a case of problem solving, goal-setting an alternative direction, acquiring skills to deal with the situation, or if the worries are unfounded or unnecessary or not useful, just switching them off.

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