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Most people who type in Counselling Glasgow are really looking for a trained and experienced therapist who they will feel comfortable with, and who will help them solve their problem or problems in a relatively short time.

There is a vast array of styles of therapy and counselling in Glasgow, and it can be difficult for the client to know where to begin.

There is credit counselling, exit counselling, grief counselling, couple counselling, ecological counselling, school counselling, and so the list goes on.

Some forms of counselling are “advice” giving and provide a shoulder to cry on. This can, in the short term, be comforting for some clients, but less useful for others. Some therapists employ techniques to change unhelpful patterns of thinking and make lasting changes for the client.

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Here at The Human Performance Clinic, we have been in business for over twenty years and have helped thousands of clients of all ages to solve problems and achieve their goals.

We use a blend of NLP and hypnosis (and a lot of common sense and experience) to make powerful changes in our client’s lives, and give them the tools and techniques to take forward and apply for themselves. Check out the rest of our website for more information, or call us for some free friendly advice.

Telephone: 0141 337 3327.

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