• Building Confidence with HPC

Coping with Anxiety

How we do this unlearning depends on the nature of the problem. Often a lack of confidence can be anxiety based – it is hard to feel super confident if you are worried and churned up with anxiety – so we have to reduce this and often confidence follows. Similarly negative or pessimistic thinking will undermine confidence.

Sometimes a lack of confidence can be caused by a lack of skills or experience. In this case some sort of gradual progressive goal setting programme will provide a ladder or structure for success.

A lack of confidence may be caused by perceptions, e.g. a lack of belief or faith in one’s skills or abilities, or a misrepresentation of those skills, or misrepresenting the causes of previous successes and with NLP we can quickly change those perceptions.

Be Free from Anxiety

It’s our job to ask you the right questions to find out what those unwanted patterns of thinking and limiting beliefs are and from there establish what you want instead, how you’ll know you’ve got it, and then help you to achieve this as quickly as possible.

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