NLP and Team Building in Glasgow

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence. It is also the study of how humans interact and good interaction in a team is crucial for team success.

HPC takes a multi-factorial approach, creating programmes based on the nature of the team. The needs of a team vary according to its maturity, it’s current success or lack of it, size, demands, and other variables.

Through information gathering HPC can identify areas for improvement and create bespoke programmes to enhance effectiveness.

  • Team Building in the Workplace
  • Help in the workplace

What skills can your learn from an NLP team building course or coaching?

  • understanding team evolution
  • recognise and use powerful language patterns to empower yourself and others
  • build and maintain rapport – the key to a successful team
  • understand other people’s frames of reference
  • understand other people’s strengths
  • increasing flexibility of behaviour
  • fine tune your senses and be more sensitive to others
  • create compelling, shared goals
  • create your own personal state of excellence and maintain a resourceful state in others
  • gather specific, high quality information from people and use it to achieve outcomes

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