When is life coaching the right thing?

In a fast changing world where stress is on the increase, with a relentless rise in consumerism, focus on mortgages and jobs, people can often experience a sense of dissatisfaction, or that life is passing them by.

It is often hard for the client to put their finger on what is wrong because – in fact – there is nothing glaringly wrong. They feel they should actually be very happy.

This dissatisfaction can be caused by a multitude of issues from a lack of direction, problems with work-life balance, external pressures, anxiety, internal nagging, beating oneself up, negative thinking, not realising goals, the past, and so on and so forth.

As human beings we are ‘habit machines’ and it is quite easy to get caught in a rut, replaying the same old patterns of thinking and behaviour.

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We can help you get back on track

Here at HPC we can help clarify the issues and get you back on track. Often there are no major issues – just a few adjustments and a bit of fine tuning that can make a huge difference to your overall happiness, health and wellbeing.

Through eliminating problems, identifying your needs and desires – the things you really want out of life – and organising the future we can get you out of that rut, help put the excitement, passion and energy back in your life and fire you up with a sense of purpose. It often doesn’t take much.

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