Help and Treatment for Depression

Depression can be successfully treated using hypnotherapy and NLP right here in Glasgow, either online or in-person.

What are the main causes of Depression?

People can become depressed for many many reasons. Long term anxiety, and panic attacks will lead to someone feeling down. Likewise, poverty, grief, bullying, lack of confidence, loneliness, lack of direction.

Similarly life changing experiences like relationship breakups, redundancy, trauma, injury and illness. The list goes on.

It can also be caused by certain thinking strategies. For example being glass half empty, or working off negative goals (in other words focussing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want). Ruminating (going over and over past events - paralysis through analysis!) Belief systems eg. I’m always unlucky… there’s no pointing me trying to improve things because every time I do x or y happens and I end up back at square one. This is known as having an external locus of control and leads to a sense of hopelessness or helplessness.

So there are internal and external reasons that someone might end up feeling depressed.

  • Main Causes of Depression
  • Treatment of Depression

Treatment of Depression

It is our job to ask you the right questions to find out what the thought patterns and beliefs are that lead to the sense of depression, and once we have established that we can set about fixing it.

This might involve shutting down certain thought patterns (broken records), or getting rid of other problems such as panic or anxiety. Or maybe shifting from negative to positive goals. Or getting rid of guilt once and for all. Or de-traumatising the past. Or maybe solving ongoing problems like loneliness or unemployment for example.

In the past, depression was often framed as a chemical imbalance in the brain. The Royal College of Psychiatrists have recently announced that this is NOT the case. And recently the World Health Organisation has recommended that talking therapies should be the first port of call for those suffering depression.

If you’d like to chat about your symptoms or experiences and find out how we can help, feel free to call us at the number below or get in touch.

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