• Hypnosis to help Stop Smoking

We offer tried and tested Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help you to Stop Smoking Fast!

Most people have said many times “that’s it, no more cigarettes” and then ten minutes later another part says “I could do with a cigarette” and an internal argument begins. It is the unconscious that is driving that urge to smoke.

Smoking is not a natural behaviour. You had to learn to smoke. You have now got so good at it that it has become automatic, triggered off by for example that dozy feeling first thing in the morning, or having a cup of tea or coffee, having a break at work, feeling stressed, seeing a friend smoke, having a drink, and so on.

We offer a Free follow up session

We can usually make you stop smoking fast and offer you a free follow up session if you have any difficulties in the first week. This is how confident we are this process works.

Help with Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Using only tried and tested NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques, we can help you kick the habit in our relaxing clinic. Results vary from person to person. Please quote "STOP-SMOKING" in any correspondence.

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