Insomnia Treatment in Glasgow

There are two types of insomnia:

  • Not being able to get to sleep in the first place
  • Not being able to get back to sleep if one wakes up

How do we fall asleep?

Nobody knows how to go to sleep. Sleep is an unconscious process. It is a passive process. If you try to it doesn’t happen. People who sleep well, lie down, let their mind drift, their body relax, and they drift into a trance and then before they know it they drift off to sleep.

That state of deep relaxation just before sleep is hypnosis.

  • Insomnia Treatments in Glasgow

How do we treat insomnia?

Most of the time insomnia is caused by anxiety. Anxiety and sleep are incompatible. The anxiety can be about anything, (eg worrying about work, or money , or relationship, or kids) and it will prevent sleep. If this happens a lot, and you get a few disturbed nights, then the anxiety becomes about sleep itself, and can then start to become a pattern. People often ‘try too hard’ and the harder you try the worse it gets and so on. It’s our job to find out what the thoughts and feelings are that stop you from sleeping and change them using hypnosis and NLP. Sometimes even one session can solve the problem, however on average it’s 2-4. The methods we use are more effective than medication and without any of the draw-backs of taking pills.

For the second type of insomnia we use the above approach with some additions.

We all wake through the night. We always have done and always will. We often don’t remember, but we do. What the client who can’t get back to sleep is often doing is waking up and starting the day mentally too early.

This can be caused by stress or worry (regarding past, present or future) and we need to deal with this. Sometimes the person may have no ongoing reason for stress but has got into a habit of reacting negatively to waking up, clock-watching, worrying about another sleepless night and being tired at work. The resulting anxiety is what prevents returning to sleep.

Whatever the processes, we can change those unhelpful patterns of thinking into useful ones and restore the ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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