Why do we have phobias?

Phobias are learnt. Normally when we learn things it takes a few attempts. For example learning to tie shoe laces took ten maybe twenty goes before it became second nature.

When perceived danger and self preservation is involved your brain learns a lot quicker. Imagine it took twenty times falling off a ladder before you realised that ladders can be dangerous! So when fear is involved you learn quicker.

We learn phobias from different sources:

  • bad experiences
  • other people

  • Phobias and Fear of Flying
  • Fear and determination

How NLP can help cure fears and phobias

NLP is famous for its fast phobia cure. This is a wonderful tool for helping to fade memories and de-traumatise.

It does not make you forget an event took place, but it ‘takes the edges off it’ so it is no longer traumatic and up there at the forefront of your brain causing fear.

Sometimes the cause of the fear is not known, in which case we deal with the actual chains of thoughts which cause the emotion. Often we will get you to teach us how to be frightened of this thing, and when we understand it, we can change it.

Some gradual exposure to the previously scary stimuli helps to confirm to the client ‘that it is safe’.

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